Who We Serve

Survivors of Domestic Violence

We team with already-established shelters so their clients can receive care.

Survivors of Human Trafficking

We team with already established shelters so their clients can receive care.

Reentry Assistance

We team with re-entry programs so their clients can receive care.

Our Services

The OvaryIt Foundation partners with existing non-profits that provide shelter or basic needs to the survivors that they serve. These organizations are vitally important and unfortunately, often underfunded.

The OvaryIt Foundation is honored to have these partners trust our organization to provide safe and reliable access and education.

While other amazing organizations exist to assist the entire population, we narrowed down our focus to a subset of the population that needed providers with additional training, services, and individuals that require additional anonymity protections. That's why we do not collect your information, install cookies, and work to protect everyone's identity who wants to learn, donate, or even volunteer.

We hope you join us on our mission.


Reliable contraception is more important than ever. We pay for individual consultations.

Financial Aid

If someone cannot afford their contraceptive medication, we cover this expense to ensure they are protected.


Education is essential. We provide course, webinars, and instruction 100% free of charge so individuals can learn more about their body and communicate better with healthcare professionals.

Essential Bundles

We provide hygiene products, pregnancy tests, and over-the-counter medications to our partner organizations so they can spend money on their mission.

We Also Serve Our Planet

If we were to fully educate girls/women and provide access to family planning, the total atmospheric CO2 reduction would be greater than that of solar farms, solar rooftop panels, nuclear energy, and geothermal energy… COMBINED

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