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Our Mission Led Us Here 

Join our mission to increase access to education and family planning.

The OvaryIt Foundation partners with domestic violence shelters and anti-trafficking organizations to assist in the process of getting survivors access to sexual health care and education. 

We are in the process of creating our robust education portal which includes information for those in 3 Grade- Adulthood.

How does it work?

The OvaryIt Foundation partners with existing non-profits that provide shelter or basic necessities to the survivors that they serve. These organizations are vitally important and often underfunded. These partners trust contraceptive access and free education to us. 

Want to partner?

We team with in person health facilities for screening exams!

The OvaryIt Foundation coordinates telehealth appointments, contraceptives, education, and more. For individuals ready for more invasive screening exams, we look to in-person care facilities to assist. How does that work? 

We negotiate cash prices and care options up-front, then refer patients to your office as needed. At the end of the appointment, we pay the bill and coordinate the medical records consolidation.

Are you a non-profit looking to obtain our services?

Are you a Domestic Violence Shelter or anti-trafficking organization that is looking to add free services to your intake process? You simply provide the individuals that you serve access to your customized OvaryIt Foundation care code flyers, and we handle the rest. 

We currently offer health related services to individuals in: CA, CO, FL, NJ, NY, and PA. 

Not in one of those states? Our education is still free for the individuals that you serve.

Why are we doing this?

Individuals who escape violence or trafficking often leave without any services or support. Many have never experienced the control of their own body as an adult. We are here to provide that support and education.

1 in 800

or 403,000 people in the US are currently trafficked. 


of sex trafficking victims were trafficked by a family member or intimate partner in 2020.


of female rape victims were raped by an intimate partner.



Increased risk of unintended pregnancies for those sexually and physically abused.


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17 Oct 2023

Tiktok Live with Dr. Devin and Dr. Lissette

AMA- General Health

Time: 8:00 PM- 9:00 PM

14 Nov 2023

Tiktok Live with Dr. Lissette

Communicating with Pharmacists

Time: 8:00PM- 9:00PM

18 Jan 2024

New Year, New Rules- 

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