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The OvaryIt Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to increase access to contraceptive and family
planning services and advance women’s health through research, advocacy, and education. We aim to bring
contraceptive access and advocacy to those experiencing domestic violence, human-trafficking, and those re-entering society after incarceration as well as providing free sexual education for all.

Throughout the United States, women are struggling to obtain access to contraceptives. This inaccessibility is due
to a multitude of challenges, including transportation, limited clinic hours of operation, affordability, education, etc.
The demand for contraceptives has continued to increase because it has enhanced women’s career and life
opportunities and their ability to family plan more effectively. Despite the growing market, research shows that 19.1
million women in the United States still need access to contraceptive services, many of which cannot afford access
or medications without assistance. The OvaryIt Foundation will work in collaboration with telehealth providers that
follow the United States Medical Eligibility Criteria (USMEC Guidelines) and are licensed with the SureScripts
network. The OvaryIt Foundation will strive to become the premier resource for women’s health information,
sexual health education, and access to contraceptive services and medications through financial assistance.


The OvaryIt Foundation believes that every woman deserves high-quality patient-centered care regardless of
racial, social, political, or religious background. These standards include qualities such as trust, honor, well-defined
ethics and morals, consistency, respect, and integrity. Today many options exist through Title X funding
mechanisms, but providers are required to preach abstinence first education as a condition for the release of
funds. The Title X Family Planning Program is a federal grant program for low-income patients to receive family
planning and reproductive health services. It funds services including contraception, testing and treatment for
sexually transmitted infections, and breast and cervical cancer screenings. Title X funding has a multitude of
requirements surrounding eligibility for their program. The requirements are derived from statutes, regulations,
and legislative mandates. Thus, creating an abundance of back-office overhead and process issues, increasing the
total cost per patient. To provide effective education, reduce overhead, and to efficiently appropriate donation
dollars, the OvaryIt Foundation will team with organizations that already support underserved populations.
Partnering organizations are provided with an access code to obtain free or discounted services for the individuals
that they serve.


Additionally, the education system in America is failing children across the country with inadequate sexual
education courses. As such, the OvaryIt Foundation will provide an education platform that will focus on
providing medically accurate sexual health information and education to low-income areas that are often
underrepresented, for example, focusing on Title 1 funded areas. This information will also be available
online via YouTube and other social media platforms, for free, to reach a broader audience and obtain consumer
trust and brand recognition.


Lastly, the OvaryIt Foundation will provide financial support and guidance to conduct scientific studies in
collaboration with clinical partners. The primary focus of the studies will be hormonal contraceptives in
underrepresented populations, pharmacogenomics, healthcare inequalities in the contraceptive field, etc. The
short-term goal of the Foundation is to initiate fundraising activities and form strategic partnerships with mission
critical non-profit organizations that also provide services to those experiencing domestic violence, human-trafficking, and those re-entering society after incarceration. The OvaryIt Foundation will continue to create in-person provider relationships for those needing in-person care services such as STI testing and treatment.


The Foundation’s long-term goals include and are not limited to:
• Expanding service offerings
• Expanding the states that the Foundation can serve
• Conducting robust research initiatives that advance access and contraceptive science
• Collaborating with larger networks to get more individuals access to care and education

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Our team

Meet the team

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Mary Kucek


Mary is a technology professional that loves bioinformatics.  She quickly realized that many safety net programs within the United States were stacked against those who needed it most.  She built the OvaryIt platform, and her team and quickly got to work to solve healthcare disparities. Mary is fortunate to work with a strong and passionate team who are driven to educate, advocate, and ensure contraceptive access for all. 

Devin Bustin, MD


Dr. Devin Bustin is a physician licensed in California, Colorado, Florida, and New York. After graduating from the University of Florida, Devin traveled the world helping other people in impoverished areas and countries. He has a passion for working with patients to find practical and holistic solutions to their medical needs. He believes that women’s health is an underserved area and that all women should have access to quality care.

Lissette Logan, PharmD

COO & Licensed Pharmacist

Lissette is a powerhouse who is passionate about getting individuals access to free and affordable care because, like many others, Lissette learned of the challenges that exist within the healthcare system and how many slip between the cracks from her own first-hand experiences. She joined the OvaryIt Foundation to slowly and systematically repair those cracks and make a change. Lissette is a wife, mom, and licensed Pharmacist in the state of Florida.

Madison McEwen


Madison is all about getting every person access to quality care and education. Madison is the CEO of Quantum Marketing Agency and donates her skills and genius to the foundation to increase awareness. She is a proud Zeta, entrepreneur, and FSU Seminole. Madison oversees marketing concepts, product lines, and marketing interns.