What is Puberty?

This section might be confusing so feel free to ask a grown-up to help you understand all of this information. Remember, this information will keep you smart and healthy. 

Puberty happens to everyone! During puberty, you are changing from a child to a young adult. Some of the changes might make you excited, while others might make you a little scared. A scary change does not have to be a problem, there are ways to make these changes easier and we will talk about them later. But first, let’s understand the changes that our bodies can make.

Everyone goes through puberty at different times. Some people’s body changes sooner than others, and some people might go through changes slowly while others go through changes quickly. Depending on someone’s gender when they are born, people can change differently. Let’s look at changes the girl below might expect.

Females can also have periods, ovulation, wider hips, and might notice more white stuff or discharge in their underwear. You might think, yuck! But this is really cool!

Now let’s look at changes that the boy below might experience.

Males can also have erections, ejaculation, wider shoulder, and their private parts can get larger like their penis and testicles. Remember everyone goes through puberty in a different way.

If you look through the list and are excited about some and nervous about others. Think about how much you have already grown since you were little, or even a baby! Print this, or on an extra sheet of paper, follow the exercise below and remember have far you have come, and how far you will go.